8×10 photo collage…free

18 Aug


Walgreens…your corner store! They are giving away an 8×10 photo collage.

Follow these directions to get yours today.

1) Download your pictures that you want to create the collage (skip this step if you already know which ones)

2) Go to the Walgreens website

3) Create an account (skip this step if you already have one…just log in)

4) Click on “Photo” (top left hand side of computer (tabs))

5) Click on “Prints” (top left hand side of computer (first tab))

6) Click on “Collage Prints” (it will be from the drop down menu)

7) Click on “Create Now” (blue button, underneath the cost)

The rest of the steps are easy, it will ask you to download your photos, name your album.  Once you have created it, it will show you a preview of your collage…go to the right hand side in the column, you can shuffle your photos to your liking.

Right before you submit your order, left side of the page, towards the bottom, put in the promotional code “getonefree” and hit “apply”, once you do that you will see your total change to 0.00

If for some reason you hit the back button, MAKE SURE you check your total again, it will change! Before checking out…AGAIN check your total to make sure it says 0.00.  Pick up your collage at your nearest Walgreens, it will give you the store location when you put your zip code in.

Have fun creating!

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