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20 May

How many times have you seen something and wonder…hmmm, I wonder where I can find this or I wonder where she bought those gorgeous shoes”.  Where would one start? So we ask our friends and sometimes we come up empty-handed.  So on your own, you start your search.

Well how about help from the community, the more the better.  The Hunt, is a site that can help you get started.

About The Hunt 

The Hunt is a community that tracks down the items you covet but don’t know where to find or how to style. Our community is open to everyone. Any member can start their own hunt and solve other members’ hunts by adding finds.

Members of The Hunt start hunts with photos from a variety of sources and for many different reasons. Popular reasons why hunts are started include: creating a designer look for less, completing a look from a photo, finding similar products from a picture, locating an exact product or styling a product. We encourage everyone in the community to solve any type of hunt they’d like and perhaps take a chance on a new type.

As many members of The Hunt are passionate about solving hunts as others are starting them. Solving hunts is described by members as fun, rewarding, validating, and challenging. Those that solve particularly LOVE earning gems, perfects and getting thanks via comments. The community thrives on consistent give and take.

Starting and solving hunts is an entertaining way to spend downtime. Lots of people tell us that The Hunt is a new hobby for them. Rather then playing other games, members like playing on The Hunt when they’re not at work or school.

There are seven us on The Hunt team. We’re based in downtown San Francisco. We’re passionate about this community and love hearing your thoughts. Please email about anything:

Start your HUNT by clicking here

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Rules of The Hunt

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