Check out this new gadget especially if you tend to misplace or lost something

03 Sep

Pretty darn cool!!!! If you are like me, who misplaces the keys, this is for you.  Why would I suggest this.  Well think about the other products out on the market.  I have one now which I paid a whole heck a lot than what Tile is costing and I already lost the backing to the key finder which exposes the battery compartment.  Needless to say, I can’t use it anymore.  The other one that “beeps” well forget that, I lost the docking part of it, so it’s no use if I can’t find that piece.

What’s so neat about Tile is that it links to other Tile owners letting others know that you lost or something of yours went missing from a five or ten finger bandit, it will locate it for you if your item is in their vicinity.  Just like the video showed. There is no “other” part to lose, you always have your phone with you!

So what are you waiting for…Pre-order yours now.  Heck, attach it to your children, you won’t be frazzled running up and down looking for them.  Make sure you read the FAQ’s all the questions you may have is probably answered there.



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Posted by on September 3, 2013 in Gadgets, What a Deal!!


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