Did you get your free slurpee? How about a big gulp?

11 Jul


7eleven has freebies! All you have to do is get the 7eleven app for iOS and the android.

Here is the list of freebies:

• 7/12/14 Free Big Gulp Drink
• 7/13/14 Free M&M’s Brand Birthday Cake Chocolate Candies
• 7/14/14 Free Grandma’s Cookies 1.08oz – 3.025oz Any Variety/Flavor
• 7/15/14 Free Hostess Twinkies
• 7/16/14 Free Twix or Snickers Ice Cream Bar
• 7/17/14 Free Quaker Chewy Yogurt Snack Bar
• 7/18/14 Free Pillsbury Cookies
• 7/19/14 Free Small Slurpee Drink

The free coupons are located in the Savings section. Make sure you don’t click Redeem until you’re ready to use it, it’s only good for 15 minutes when you do.

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