Those fragrance inserts…

05 Dec


Flipping through magazines…the Macy’s ads…nordstroms, they all have those fragrance inserts. Don’t ignore them!  Tear them out and use them!  I don’t mean use them right away, put them aside because they are great to pack when you travel. No more worrying about the bottle breaking or leaking. No more forgetting to pack it because you would just store these in your luggage!  Don’t travel?  Put them in your drawers, closet, in the car, laying hidden in your rooms as it will just make that “place” smelling good. Got guest coming over?  Why not put a care package in their rooms. They would just love it and who knows you may have just found them their new scent!  Or open one up and rub it on their comforters, or if you have one that is like fresh linen rub some of it on their pillows!  All this is absolutely free!!! Why toss them out! Put them to use! Happy Scents!!


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