Why You Should Join Last Minute Travel Club

17 Mar




Exclusive Deals

Find member-only rates so low you have to see them to believe them

Guaranteed Savings

Guaranteed Savings

If you don’t save what you spent on membership, get a promo code worth the difference!

24/7 Travel Expert

24/7 Travel Expert

Get advice or assistance from a travel expert 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

500K Already Saving

500K Already Saving

More than half a million members have saved a combined total of $25 million

Customers Love Us

Customers Love Us

View ratings & reviews & engage with the Last Minute Travel community on any of our social networks

Undercover Hotels

Undercover Hotels

We’ll let you in on the little secret that is the names of our undercover hotels


A $50 Value sign up and use promo code: 4JULYFREE

Click here to sign up

When you click to sign up, you will be at a screen where it want’s your credit card info.  DON’T fill that out, enter the promo code and click “APPLY” you will then see that you joined for free.



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