Have you had any Skeeters Snacks

24 Jul

ThE SUpErIOr cOUrT Of ThE STaTE Of calIfOrNIa fOr ThE cOUNTy Of SaN BErNardINO
If you purchased certain Skeeter Snacks products between July 1, 2013, and June 29, 2017, you could get payment from a class action settlement
A court authorized this notice. is is not a solicitation from a lawyer.
• A settlement has been reached in a class action lawsuit regarding certain Skeeter Snacks products.

• In the lawsuit, Plainti challenged defendant’s advertising, packaging, and sale of certain Skeeter Snacks products. e parties reached an agreement in order to avoid the time and expense associated with litigation.

• e claims are strongly disputed. e Court has not ruled, one way or the other, on Plainti ’s claims.

•. Your legal rights are a ected whether you act or do not act.

Skeeter Snacks products that qualify for a payment under this settlement are as follows: Chocolate Chip 8oz, Cinnamon Grahams 10oz, Chocolate Grahams 10oz, Chocolate Chip 36ct 1oz, Cinnamon Grahams 36ct 1oz, Chocolate Grahams 36ct 1.2oz, Cookie Variety 36ct, Chocolate Chip Family Pack 8ct 1oz, Graham Variety Family Pack 8ct 1oz, Chocolate Chip Minis – 4/3 pack – 8oz, Double Chocolate Minis – 4/3 pack, 8oz, Cookie Variety 4/3 pack – 8oz, Honey Grahams – 4/3 pack – 10oz, Shortbread – 8 oz, Honey Graham – 8 oz, and Double Chocolate – 8 oz.

Read the lawsuit

To request a full refund of your Skeeter Snacks product(s) purchase(s), please provide written proof of purchase. If you no longer have written proof of purchase, you may request a one-time payment of $3.00 by completing and signing the Claim Form under penalty of perjury

Claim form

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